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AKB48's Takahashi Minami fangirls over Shonen Jump and congratulates Kojima Haruna

May 20, 2011 @ 10:04 am
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The other day,AKB48s leader Takahashi Minami had a super fangirl moment as she went to Shueisha to do some work for Weekly Playboy.

Many AKB48 fans know that Takahashi is a huge manga reader and that she loves theWeekly Shonen Jump magazine. Despite being at Shueisha for Weekly Playboy, Takahashi made the effort to sneak over to, what she calls, Shonen Jumps sacred editorial department and snapped a picture with the staff members.

She wrote: AWESOME!! AWESOME!! AWESOME!! Im hopeless. Im just so happy!!!!!!! It was so hard holding back my excitement lol lol I was probably sweating a lot~ lol lol It was the best HAPPY time <3 <3.

After her spazzing, she went to AKBs performance, where Team A was holding Kojima Harunas birthday party. Due to it being her birthday party, Kojima felt nervous before the performance. Takahashi explained that it was rare for Kojima to be nervous and that it was kind of interesting.

Takahashi continued to comment how Kojima was so moved that she started sobbing when fellow member Shinoda Mariko appeared on stage for the surprise.

Kojima's birthday was on April 19th so Takahashi finished up the entry: NyanNyan (Kojimas nickname) happy birthday again* ^^ Youre a fantastic 23 year old. I love you~!! <3.


Source: Takahashi Minami's Official Blog


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