Arashi fans in Peru collect donations for Japan!

May 24, 2011 @ 10:02 am
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Arashi Peru, a club created by fans of Japanese idol group Arashi, has joined fundraising efforts for Japanese earthquake and tsunami relief.

Club president Mirtha Coral (32), who became a fan of Arashi after watching one of their performances on cable TV, is one of ten original members who created the group four years ago. Today there are 4,250 members, mostly in their teens and 20s. The club is headquartered in the capital city of Lima, but there are five more meeting locations in other parts of Peru.

After the March 11th disaster, many of the club's members felt that they "wanted to do something to help Japan", and decided that at their general meeting on April 30th, they would donate a portion of the club dues to relief efforts.

At the meeting, they were able to gather 800 sol (~US $290). "Most of those attending were students, so this is their pocket change, given from the heart", said Miltha. Club member Mayra Gamboa (19) said, "I hope that we will be able to make a difference in some way. I believe that the people of Japan will overcome this disaster".

Arashi Peru plans to continue holding regular club meetings to collect money for Japan, which they will send to the Japanese Embassy in Peru.

Source + Photo: Yomiuri


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