[Exclusive] Berryz Koubou's interview with tokyohive!

May 5, 2011 @ 12:57 am
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On April 23rd, Hello! Project group Berryz Koubou made their U.S. debut in Seattle, Washington at the anime convention, Sakura Con.

As a treat for their fans, we were able to hold the girls down for a short but sweet interview regarding their thoughts on their first live in the U.S., what they think about each other, and more!

Additionally, if you were not able to attend the concert, you can check out tokyohive's live report, here!


- How do you each think you've changed since you joined Hello! Project and since Berryz Koubou was formed?

Yurina: Height, for sure. I grew much taller. I was on the smaller side when I started, but now I'm the tallest.

Risako: I was a slow learner when I started. I remember things much more quickly now, like lyrics and choreography.

Miyabi: When I started, I was overwhelmed by everything. I couldn't understand how the others learned things so fast. Now I'm having fun teaching dances to our younger groups as well.


- Please choose another member of the group and tell us your favorite part of their personality.

Momoko to Maasa: Maasa has started to do a lot of MCing now. Whenever she starts, the whole place brightens up. Also, she's so pretty!

Maasa to Saki: Saki is always watching the whole picture, so that's why she's the captain. She is co cute. Sometimes, I feel like we're sisters.

Saki to Miyabi: Miyabi is always looking for ways to improve other people's moods, as she likes to make others happy. She really cares about other people.

Miyabi to Chinami: Her smile is the best. She has the most positive power in Berryz Koubou.

Chinami to Yurina: Her stories are so funny because sometimes they are all over the place, but this is my favorite part about her. When she talks, it makes everybody happy. I think fans feel the same.

Yurina to Risako: She is the sexiest even though she's so young. And she's also very caring.

Risako to Momoko: Momoko knows about herself, she has a strong opinion. She sticks to her ideas all the way.


- Saturday was your first performance for American fans, how did you feel about the show?

Saki: In Japan, fans always call our names during concert. I was surprised and very happy to see American fans doing the same.

Miyabi: Japanese fans cheer in a low voice, but American fans cheer with loud voices, like "Yay!" That made me feel so happy and positive.

Momoko: I was very happy to hear American fans tell me I'm cute (laughs).


- What is the difference between Japan and the U.S. autograph sessions? What did you enjoy most about the autograph sessions with the fans at Sakura-Con?

Chinami: We don't have autograph sessions in Japan very often. Also, in our system in Japan, all the gifts are accepted at the front of the line. At Sakura-Con, we got to receive gifts directly from the fans. That way, we could say "Thank you " in person. I loved it!


- What musical performers are your personal heroes, and why?

Miyabi: Namie Amuro. She's been my hero since I was little, and I've been listening her CDs a lot. I went to her show with captain.

Saki: I'm a big fan of Namie Amuro too. During breaks, I watch her live videos in the dressing room with Miyabi. We learn a lot from her performance and dance style.

Chinami: I love Hanna Montana. I try to find ways to use her style.

Yurina: Shoujo Jidai [SNSD]. They're really cute.

Risako: Koda Kumi. She's so cute and sexy. She changes her image with every song. I learn a lot from her.

Momoko: Seiko Matsuda. She was an idol from the Showa era.

Maasa: Mai Kuraki. I started to listen to her recently. I really love her songs, I sing them all the time.


- Your first USA CD, "7 Berryz Times", was released at Sakura-Con by JapanFiles. What would you like to do next in America?

Miyabi: I'd love to come back and do another performance as soon as we can. We have a fan club tour in Japan, and for the fan club tour, we go to Hawaii and we all have a great time together. I'd love to do something like that with American fans too!


Berryz Koubou recently released their "7 Berryz Times" album for the first time in America!

You can pick up a copy of that release and other Berryz Koubou releases on JapanFiles.com or Amazon.com.

tokyohive would like to thank JapanFiles andHello! Project for making this interview possible, and Berryz Koubou for taking the time to answer our questions.


Photography by: Kevin Chang


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