Fuji TV confirms 2nd season for Ueto Aya's "Zettai Reido"

May 22, 2011 @ 11:40 pm
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Another drama rumor got confirmed today, as Fuji TV announced a second season for the criminal drama series, "Zettai Reido"!

"Zettai Reido ~ Mikaiketsu Jiken Tokumei Sousa ~" aired in spring of 2010 and depicted the struggles of Sakuragi Izumi (Aya Ueto), a new female detective, as she tackle cold cases that never have been brought to a conclusion. It was a popular drama with decent ratings, and fans got to see Ueto in a role that's different to her usual image.

The second season won't just be a simple continuation of the same premise. Sakuragi got transfered to the undercover investigation office within the Metropolitan Police, and now has to deal with current cases as they are happening.

Ueto, who'll be reprising her role as the popular detective, commented on the change, "In the first season I had a lot of troubles playing the character of Sakuragi, so I was quite surprised when I received the script (for the sequel). I wonder how I should portray her character in this new environment without losing that typical clumsiness of hers."

Fuji TV also announced a two-hour-long special drama that will be set one month after the ending of the first season. It is scheduled to air sometime before the start of the summer season.

Furthermore, the majority of the main cast from the first season will return for the sequel, including Miyasako Hiroyuki, Yamaguchi Sayaka and Kitaoji Kinya.

"Zettai Reido ~Tokushu Hanzai Sennyu Sousa~" is going to air every Tuesday at 9pm.

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