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Ichii Sayaka to star in collaborative film by China and Japan

May 19, 2011 @ 12:36 am
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Former Morning Musume member Ichii Sayaka will be starring in the upcoming film, "Ashita ni Kakeru Ai" ("Love Hung for Tomorrow")!

The film is being made to celebrate the 40th anniversary of friendly relations between Japan and China, and will be a collaborative effort between the two countries.

Ichii will play a female designer whose grandmother, played by Yachigusa Kaoru, was a Japanese WWII orphan left in China. The story follows the romance between Ichii's character and the Chinese man played by actor Alex Ru (Lingjie Lu).


The movie will be filmed in Aomori, Tokyo, and Beijing, and on March 12th, Ichii, Ru, Yachigusa, child actress Omori Ayane, and director Katsuki Hideyuki attended the press meeting for the production in Aomori's prefectural office.

Ichii commented, "I think it will be a heartwarming work that portrays love across generations."

One of the themes of the film is encouraging the relief efforts of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake. Yachigusa stated, "This is also going to be a job that connects with the earthquake-afflicted areas, so I want to work hard."

The cast will also include Kato Natsuki, Tsubuyaki Shiro, Takada Kotaro, Osugi Ren, Yamamoto Mirai, and Takashima Masahiro. Since the film is set in the backdrop of the fashion industry in Japan and China, actual behind-the-scene footage of the fashion event "TGC Girls Collection in Beijing" will be incorporated into the film.

Filming began on April 28th and the movie is planned for release in China and Japan in the spring of 2012.

Source + Photo: Cinema Today


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