Movie adaptation of "Ace Attorney" confirmed!

May 27, 2011 @ 2:46 am
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[caption id="attachment_155108" align="aligncenter" width="410" caption="Narimiya Hiroki and Naruhodo Ryuichi (Phoenix Wright)"][/caption]

An official movie adaptation of the popular Nintendo DS series "Gyakuten Saiban" - also known as "Ace Attorney" - has just been confirmed!

After teasing fans with a vague statement at the Cannes International Film Festival, film director Miike Takashi has confirmed that a movie version of "Ace Attorney" is in the works. Narimiya Hiroki will star as the series' main character 'Naruhodo Ryuichi' (or 'Phoenix Wright'), and he'll co-star alongsideKiritani Mirei as 'Ayasato Mayoi' (or 'Maya Fey'). Phoenix Wright's rival 'Mitsurugi Reiji' ('Miles Edgeworth') will be portrayed by actor Saito Takumi.

[caption id="attachment_155109" align="aligncenter" width="352" caption="Kiritani Mirei and Ayasato Mayoi (Maya Fey)"][/caption]

The plot of the movie takes place in an alternate universe, where an increase in heinous crimes has forced Japanese attorneys and prosecutors to confront each other in a new court system that gives the accused only three days to prove their innocence. In this system, speed is favored over hard evidence and forensic science, forcing both the defense and the prosecution to do much of their own hurried investigation before time runs out.

[caption id="attachment_155110" align="aligncenter" width="384" caption="Saito Takumi and Mitsurugi Reiji (Miles Edgeworth)"][/caption]

To heighten the excitement of the movie, special effects will be used to enhance the visuals in important scenes. The movie will retain the game's catchphrases - such as "Igi ari!" ("Objection!") and "Kurae!" ("Take that!") - and will even be set in a specially built courtroom to maintain the charm of the original games.

Filming will finish around June, with the movie's projected release date to be around spring of next year.

Source: Eiga.com


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