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Posted by 0 pt Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Paradise Kiss" holds a successful premiere, YUI performs surprise set


On May 30th, the movie "Paradise Kiss" finally held its premiere at Shibuya C.C.Lemon Hall, which was attended by cast membersKitagawa Keiko, Mukai Osamu, Yamamoto Yusuke, Igarashi Shunji, Omasa Aya, Kaku Kento, Kato Natsuki, and director Shinjo Takehiko.

The actors provided a special fashion show for the audience, donning various outfits from the movie to music bysweetbox. Seeing their favorite 'characters' in person, the premiere's 2,000 guests erupted in cheers.

The plot centers around a high school girl who one day meets a group of design students. Her new friends encourage her to become a model, and the story traces her path to realizing that dream. The heroine, Yukari, is played by 24-year-old Kitagawa, who had some qualms about wearing a school uniform again. "When I first tried on the uniform, I didn't think it looked right, but everyone else assured me that I could still wear it. If you squint when you watch the movie [it will look better]," she shyly joked. She added, "This movie contains a lot of quotes that can encourage you when you're feeling down. Besides the fashion, please pay attention to the words as well."

After the movie was screened, singer-songwriter YUI (who wrote two songs for the soundtrack) gave a surprise concert. YUI wrote both the main theme of the movie, "HELLO~Paradise Kiss~", and ending theme "YOU". While the audience was applauding at the end of the movie, they noticed some staff members onstage setting up equipment. When everyone realized there would be a musical performance, the noise level skyrocketed.

YUI bounded onstage wearing a cute ponytail and addressed the audience enthusiastically, cheering, "I'm YUI! Let's sing!" During parts of the uptempo "HELLO~Paradise Kiss~" she would sometimes clap in time with her singing, and the audience would begin to clap with her.

When YUI finished performing, she happily said, "Thank you for listening! I'd love to see you all again. This was YUI!", and left the stage. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the exciting premiere, which was full to the brim with hot star sightings and a wild music set. They commented, "That was awesome!" and "I don't think I will get over this excitement!".

The movie "Paradise Kiss" is a drama about young love, based on the mega-hit comic of the same name written by Yazawa Ai. The original comic sold more than 6 million copies. Its film adaptationwill open nation-wide on June 4th.

Source + Photo: Cinema Today (1), (2)

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