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Akanishi Jin teaches Shirota Yu slang + squabbles with BoA again over Twitter

June 10, 2011 @ 11:45 pm
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Pop singer Akanishi Jin gave fans a laugh with his latest series of tweets betweenBoA and Shirota Yu.

On June 10th, Shirota Yu sent a tweet to Crystal Kay and Akanishi, which read:"Yaaay ( ? ` )? Well i'll make some song for 3 of us! that's gonna be the shit!!?(?? )". Akanishi replied with, "yea thats gonna be banana!!" Unfortunately, Shirota Yu failed to understand the phrase "to be bananas", so Akanishi took it upon himself to educate his fellow celebrity through Twitter.

Although Shirota replied, "Ohh! I've been enlightened. Thank you (??_??)?", Akanishi wasn't done yet. He discovered that "banana" had another meaning, and let his friend know right away.

In between his tweets with Shirota Yu, Akanishi also continued his Twitter fight with pop singer BoA. After showing off a picture of his mianga bracelets, BoA commented that she liked the bracelets and wanted some of her own, prompting Akanishi to reply, "desho?? but someone has to tie them up while u making wishes! ask little kids or someone u really care bout :)".

Unsatisfied with that answer, BoA instigated another playful fight between the two:

Once they were done cutely bickering back and forth, the two "made up" and called it a day with a hilarious new hashtag.

Source: Akanishi Jin, BoA, & Shirota Yu's Official Twitter


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