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Arashi releases track list for new album, "Beautiful World"!

June 10, 2011 @ 6:57 am
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Mega group Arashi is getting ready to top off this summer with the release of their newest album. Their 10th studio album, "Beautiful World", is set for a July 6th release, and is looking to be one of this summer's most anticipated releases so far.

The group's last studio album, "Boku no Miteiru Fukei", became the best-selling album of 2010, raking in well over a million copies since its release at the top of last August.

Since the release of their last album, the massively famous five have churned out five more #1 singles, continuing their long streak that began in 2004. The album will contain all five of these singles - "To be free," "Love Rainbow," "Dear Snow," "Hatenai Sora," and "Lotus" - as well as brand new tracks, including solo songs.

Check out the track list below!


01. Rock this
Lyrics: 100+
Rap: Sakurai Sho
Composer: Dele Ladimeji/Paul Boddy
Arranger: Yoshioka Taku

02. Mada Minu Sekai e
Lyrics: Soluna
Rap: Sakurai Sho
Composer: RPP/iiiSAK
Arranger: iiiSAK/Yoshioka Taku

03. Love Rainbow
Lyrics: furaha/Octobar
Composer: iiiSAK/Dyce Taylor
Arranger: ha-j

04. always
Lyrics: 100+
Composer: Dyce Taylor/Andreas Johansson
Arranger: youwhich

05. Shake it! (Vocal: Jun Matsumoto)
Lyrics: The Sendai Sepia
Arranger: Yoshioka Taku

06. Niji no Kakera ~no rain, no rainbow~
Lyrics: Osami/Octobar
Composer: Carl Utbult/Chris Meyer/Taisho
Arranger: Ishizuka Tomoo

07. Dear Snow
Lyrics: Iori/ISHU
Composer: Ooshima Kousuke
Arranger: Miyano Yukiko/Yoshioka Taku

08. Hung up on (Vocal: Satoshi Ohno)
Lyrics: Iori
Rap: Sakurai Sho
Composer/Arranger: Ooshima Kousuke

09. Joy
Lyrics: Ogawa Takashi/alt
Rap: Sakurai Sho
Composer: Duke Ashton/Sherrie Ashton
Arranger: Ishizuka Tomoo

10. Doko ni Demo Aru Uta. (Vocal: Kazunari Ninomiya)
Lyrics/Composer: Ninomiya Kazunari
Arranger: ha-j/Ninomiya Kazunari

11. negai
Lyrics: furaha
Composer: iiiSAK/Dyce Taylor
Arranger: Miyano Yukiko/iiiSAK

12. Lotus
Lyrics: Soluna
Composer: iiiSAK/HYDRANT
Arranger: Hiroshi Sasaki/iiiSAK

13. "Janakute" (Vocal: Masaki Aiba)
Lyrics: Iori/Soluna
Composer/Arranger: Ooshima Kousuke

14. morning light
Lyrics: UNITe/Soluna
Composer: Curly/Dr.Hardcastle
Arranger: Hiroshi Sasaki

15. To be free
Lyrics: Soluna
Composer: Samuel Waermo/Octobar
Arranger: Samuel Waermo/Yoshioka Taku

16. Kono Mama Motto (Vocal: Sho Sakurai)
Lyrics/Composer: 100+
Rap: Sakurai Sho
Arranger: Hisashi Nawata

17. Hatenai Sora
Lyrics/Composer: QQ
Arranger: ha-j

18. Tooku Made
Lyrics: Ogawa Takashi
Composer: Erik Lidbom/Dyce Taylor
Arranger: Hiroshi Sasaki


The first press of the album will come in special packaging with a 48 page booklet, while the regular edition will contain a 32 page booklet.

Source: Johnny's Net


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