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Posted by amapi0 pt Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dream Morning Musume's Ishikawa Rika to star in movie, "Atsuhime Number 1"


On June 21st, Dream Morning Musume's Ishikawa Rika attended a press conference announcing the new movie, "Atsuhime Number 1". Ishikawa, who plays the main character 'Atsuhime', entered the room wearing a historical kimono that weighed over 15 kg (~33 lbs). "This is an ancient piece of clothing, so even the smell of it gives you a sense of its long history. But it's hot and I'm starting to sweat, so if I don't get this off soon it'll start smelling like me," she joked.

The movie centers around Atsuhime, but in this version, she time-travels to the present day and becomes a hostess in a high-class Ginza club. Ishikawa said that she will soon go to some clubs in Ginza in order to study for her role. "I would like to go as a customer. Actually, it would be great if Tsunku would take me to one", she said playfully.

Beginning with this movie, producer Tsunku decided to become more involved in the film industry. "I've been a producer for 10 years. I've always thought that I wanted to make music and movies, things that would remain after I'm gone", he explained. As for why he chose Ishikawa to play 'Atsuhime', Tsunku explained, "Between all of the graduated members [of Morning Musume], she is the right age, and she is still sexy at her age, so I thought of her". Nakazawa Yuko, who plays 'Tae', the woman in Atsuhime's care, voiced her agreement, saying, "She really seems to be the teaching type".

In addition to the cast, 10 actual hostesses from Ginza clubs were invited to attend the press conference. Ishikawa also mentioned that other former members of Morning Musume would make a surprise appearance in the film, which is expected to be released next spring.

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Source: Oricon

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