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Posted by kurumi0 pt Friday, June 17, 2011

Hot Express sits down with Morning Musume for an interview - Part 2


Morning Musume members Takahashi Ai, Sayashi Riho, and Michishige Sayumi took time out of their busy schedule for an interview with Hot Express, giving fans a chance to hear them talk about past and future graduations, their latest single, the tenth generation auditions, and their recent nationwide tour.

Check out parts of the second half of their interview below! You can check out the first part here.


Interviewer: You guys decided to open up the "Morning Musume 10th Generation Member 'Genkijirushi' Audition". It's only been a little while (since you joined), but are you ready to become a senpai Sayashi-san?

Sayashi: I feel like I still don't know anything, I'm so confused. (laughs) Right now, the senior members have been trying their hardest to teach me all kinds of things, but when the tenth generation joins I feel like I have to teach them too. At this point in time, though, I don't know what I want to tell them about.

Interviewer: At Sayashi-san's age, (the new members) could be older than her, right?

Takahashi: When I joined, my senpais Tsuji (Nozomi)-san and Kago (Ai)-san were both younger than me.

Interviewer: Something happened during your performance at Nakano Sun Plaza for your "Morning Musume Concert Tour 2011 Haru Shin Souseiki Fantasy DX ~9ki Mem wo Mukaete~" tour. Mitsui Aika received a stress fracture, but despite (her injury) announced that she would continue participating. What would you say the situation was?

Takahashi: We kept on with our concerts during Golden Week - and it was then that she was saying that it hurt - but she was standing on stage without holding back much... Even though (she had a fractured ankle), she tried her best to perform with her upper body, and even used Sayu as a crutch at a recent performance.

Interviewer: At the Osaka performance, Mitsui Aika had a fractured ankle, Tanaka Reina had caught a cold, Sayashi Riho had taped both her feet... Sounds like a live where everyone was all banged up.

Takahashi: The live performance itself was fun, but the number of us lying about how broken down our bodies were had gone up. Because of that, we had a doctor tell us what to eat. We ate small fish and calcium supplements. Even when we're healthy, we have to be careful.

Interviewer: I'd love for that live performance to be put on DVD.

Takahashi: That's what Aika said. I'd like it too!

Interviewer: ...Your chic new single "Only you" (is out), but now that it's completed, what thoughts and impressions do you each have about it?

Takahashi: I love it. At first when I was given the demo tape, I listened to it with Sayu and immediately said, "Isn't it really chic?" ...And it's really easy to understand. It sounds so classy, and it has punch to it, but when the choreography comes in we say it all with a smile. I thought the lyrics suited a serious expression, but it's not just directed towards your lover like in the lyrics, which say "to you, my beloved"; it's for many people... Smiling is necessary for our cheer to reach everyone.

Michishige: That's the first time I've heard you say "many people"... I'll have to remember that. I'd like to use it! Oh, and isn't Ai-chan's smile at the end of the PV nice? And her smile after she says "kimi wo mamoru"!

I was super embarrassed when Sayu mentioned something about that on her blog.

Interviewer: It's completely for your fans, isn't it? Sayashi-san, do you have any thoughts on "Only you"?

Sayashi: I also thought, "It's such an elegant song" when I first received it, but I was confused when they told us "do it with a smile" at dance lessons for this song. It's a song packed full of feelings that say, "I want to cheer you up!", so we wear that expression on our faces.

Interviewer: In that music video and on stage, the top two - Takahashi Ai and Tanaka Reina - serve as the centers. I get this feeling that the two of you have a relationship as junior-senior, friends, and rivals too, but what's it like with Tanaka Reina for you Takahashi-san?

Takahashi: We're junior (Reina) and senior (Ai) as fifth and sixth generation members, but I don't really think of Reina and Sayu as junior members to me. We've been together way too long, so they feel closer than junior members...

Interviewer: Soon, the tenth generation members will be entering Morning Musume... Please, let's hear one by one (what you have to say).

Sayashi: ...After this, it won't just be the tenth generation; there's a chance there may be many people coming in (after tenth gen), so I've been thinking about teamwork rather than putting in all the effort you can by yourself. I feel like I'd like to do that so we can put an emphasis on unity.

Michishige: What I'm thinking is that when Ai-chan graduates, we've gotta brace ourselves and try our best to be worthy (of our name). Of course, having our leader graduate is an incredibly big event for our us. I think that since our top two girls Ai-chan and Reina are the main (vocalists) right now, it's crucial for the members who are left to compensate for that... But the lyrics in "Only you" say "don't give up", so I think we really have to do our best without giving in so we can help you get to know the current Morning Musume more and more.

Takahashi: It's incredible to think that Morning Musume is loved by so many kinds of people. We've been doing our best, but it's because of the people who supported us that we've continued for fourteen years... If we don't forget that feeling, I think we could go on forever. As the members gradually change, there are people who think, "You can't go" or "Which members are left now?". But since we do our activities thinking, "We have faith in this Morning Musume now," as Sayu often says, we'd like to be known by all sorts of people. On each of our blogs and radio shows, we receive a bunch of comments from overseas, so I'd like for us to become more worldwide. I won't let us lose to K-pop!

Michishige: Despite the fact that she loves K-pop!

(Everyone roars with laughter.)

Takahashi: I love it (laughs), but... they've been steadily getting first place. As a Japanese person, I feel like we need to try harder!


For those of you who missed the first half, you can read it here on tokyohive.

Source: Hot Express

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