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Idol group Tokyo Cheer(2) Party encourages the workers of Japan!

June 18, 2011 @ 4:16 pm
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On the 17th of June, idol group Tokyo Cheer(2) Party stood outside of Hamachi Train Station in Tokyo to encourage the workers of Tokyo to cheer up and give strength.

The leader of 17 girl group, Sawa Miho, cheered the workers by saying, Good work today and Thank you. She commented with a smile, On the contrary, I was encouraged instead.

At the same time, they also performed their new song in front of the station. Sawa continued to comment, Our goal is to perform at Kohaku one day. I would say our groups biggest strong point is that we are always full of energy. We plan to do our best from now into the future.

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Source & Photos: Daily Sports


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