Itano Tomomi chosen as the image girl for "NIKITA"!

June 12, 2011 @ 1:53 am
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Ranking 8th in AKB48s 3rd Senbatsu General Election, Itano Tomomi has been chosen to promote the popular foreign drama NIKITA on TV CMs. Theyre appealing to fans by dressing Itano up in a sexy red dress, similar to the one the drama heroine wears.

McG, responsible for Charlies Angels, was in charge of remaking the hit movie La Femme Nikita (directed by Luc Besson) into a drama. Maggie Q, known for her action skills in Mission Impossible: III and Live Free or Die Hard, plays the beautiful assassin Nikita.

Itano commented, Director McG also came to see AKB48s performance. Maggie Q is a strong action star and shes totally cool, so please check this out!. The CMs image song is called Come on! and is the the B-side to Itanos second single Fui ni.

Warner Home Video explained the reason why Itano was chosen as the image character,Because NIKITA has a 'strong, beautiful and stylish' female image which fits Itano and she has a connection with McG, we felt that Itano Tomomi would be the best match.

The NIKITA first season Vol.1 Blu-ray and DVD will be released on June 15th.



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