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Posted by amapi0 pt Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Karina to star in upcoming movie, "Girl"


It was announced today that actress Karina (27) will star in the upcoming movie, "Girl" (directed by Fukagawa Yoshihiro), scheduled to open in summer 2012.

"Girl" is a "girl's movie" that depicts a woman's problems with love and work. Karina will be joined by Aso Kumiko (33), Kichise Michiko (36), and Itaya Yuka (36), who play the main character's friends. With fashion as one of the main themes, Karina will wear a total of 23 different outfits throughout the film.

Her character in the film loves fashion, trends, and gossip, but on the other hand, she struggles with love, work, marriage, and having children. This movie is meant to encourage such everyday women.


The plot is based on a collection of short stories by Okuda Hideo (51). His real-life descriptions of a woman's feelings resonated with readers, and his books sold more than 30,000 copies. The movie takes four of his five stories and weaves them into one long narrative. It is a story of four women with completely different lifestyles that aims to expose the inner thoughts of women.

Karina will play a 29-year-old single office worker named Yuriko. Yuriko wants to stay young forever and sometimes wears flashy clothing, but she is starting to feel unhappy with herself. Karina herself is considered a trend-setter and wears many kinds of fashion with ease, she explained, "I can understand the feelings of Yuriko, who wants to be a 'Girl' forever, but continues to face problems. I want to make the character's troubles seem real to the audience, but I also want to wholeheartedly embrace her femininity".

Aso, who plays a married woman that struggles with her older subordinates, commented, "This is my first time playing a working woman, so I'm looking forward to it". Kichise, who plays a 34-year-old single woman that falls for the good-looking company recruits, said, "I hope I will be able to convey this character well. She's cute, but boyish at the same time". Itaya, who plays a single mother, explained, "This movie inspires you to enjoy being a woman".


As mentioned previously, Karina will color the screen in 23 different outfits during the film. In addition, Ayo will wear 22, Kichise 16, and Itaya 15 different outfits. According to Toei, the movie's distributor, this is much more clothing than the average movie.

A story about four women might bring to mind the American drama, "Sex and the City", but this movie does not aim to be the Japanese remake, and will instead be an innocent romantic comedy.

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