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Kiritani Mirei to release special CD+DVD photobook

June 23, 2011 @ 2:00 pm
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Model and actress Kiritani Mirei will be releasing her first photobook, "Sweet & Bitter", on July 27th!

The 'photobook' will be a combination photo album, CD, and DVD set. The CD includes the theme songs for her upcoming movies "Ranhansha" and "Snowflake". The special feature of the DVD will be a compilation of the making of the photo album and music video for "Snowflake".

The photo album - titled "MUSIC FASHION X Kiritani Mirei" - features Kiritani in clothes influenced by a variety of music genres such as rock, punk, and mod.

Check out the track list for the CD and DVD below!


< CD Track List >
01. Sayonara Made no Aida
02. Snowflake
03. Ranhansha

< DVD Track List >
01. Sweet & Bitter photoshoot making
02. Snowflake MUSIC VIDEO (film image ver.)

Source: Oricon & Excite


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