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Lady Gaga tweets a photo with SMAP + appears on "Sukkiri!!"

June 29, 2011 @ 9:23 pm
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International sensation Lady Gaga has updated her Twitter with a picture of herself and SMAP!

"SMAP SMAP REVENGE. BORN THIS WAY TATOO TUXEDO MEETS TARANTINO NINJA," Lady Gaga tweeted on the 29th, along with a sepia group photo of herself with SMAP. Although she doesn't specify how she came to meet SMAP, fans are speculating that she will be featured on an upcoming episode of "SMAP x SMAP".

Lady Gaga also tweeted two links of herself on the Japanese television show "Sukkiri!!", where she took part in a "yes-and-no" interview, talked about some of her past outfits, and even received a special Hello Kitty doll from the staff.

Check out the videos below!

Source: Lady Gaga's Official Twitter
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