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Misora Hibari to have 1,001 song anniversary box set released + Guinness World Record?

June 21, 2011 @ 7:15 am
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On June 20th, the 23rd anniversary event held in honor of nationally-renowned singer Misora Hibaris death (real name: Katou Kazue, age at time of death: 52, died in 1989) occurred at the Imperial Hotel in the Uchisaiwaichou neighborhood in the Chiyoda ward of Tokyo; Itsuki Hiroshi (63) and Ishikawa Sayuri (53), who knew Misora when she was alive, along with 620 others who had some sort of connection with Misora, attended the memorial.


It was announced that on August 3rd thata 58 CD and DVD anniversary box set, named Hibari Senya Ichiya, with 1001 songs will be released for sale, and those associated with the compilation noted the possibility of a Guinness World Record, which shows how the Hibari Densetsu (Hibari Legacy) continues.

On this day, her eldest son, Katou Kazuya (39), President of Hibari Productions, announced that as a special project for the 23rdanniversary of his mothers death, a 56 CD and 2 DVD anniversary box, called Hibari Senya Ichiya (120,000), would be released for sale.

The Singles Collection will make up 32 of the disks, and it will be comprised of 580 songs, from her debut single, Kappa Boogie-woogie, released in 1949, to her last single, Kawa no Nagare no you ni, released in January of 1989.The Cover Collectionwill make up 17 disks, and it will be comprised of 304 songs that include jazz songs, folk songs, and more sung by Misora. Of the remaining disks, 5 disks will have 93 original songs, the 2 karaoke DVDs will have 24 songs, and 2 special CDs will have live recordings. Together, the number of songs on the CDs and DVDs add up to 1001 songs.


In 1989, a 35 disk collection (517 songs) was released for sale, and in 1995, a 45 disk box set (660 songs) was released for sale, but this is the first time that a collection of Misora Hibaris songs have exceeded 1000. Having picked from almost 1500 songs, Katou proudly stated that, I thought for a long time that 1001 songs would be an amazing number.

Even veteran music industry insiders stated that they could not recall a collection of more than 1000 songs by a single singer released for sale. Columbia Japan has already applied for recognition by the Guinness World Records, and insiders have stated that, If they apply, the possibility that they will be recognized is exceedingly high."


Misora Hibari became the first woman to receive the Kokumin Eiyoshou (People's Honour Award), and the total number of recorded sales of songs for Misora Hibari is 80,000,000 copies.

Source & Photo: Yomiuri


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