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Morning Musume performs "Only You" on Happy Music!

June 11, 2011 @ 6:30 am
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Morning Musume recently appeared on Happy Music to promote their latest single, "Only You", out June 15th!

The show featured a quick talk segment where the girls professed their love for Becky and introduced something that makes them "happy". 9th generation member Sayashi Riho brought her favorite neck pillow, explaining that she loves to sleep, and demonstrated how she can pass out immediately when using it.

The members then introduced the new single, with member Tanaka Reina explaining that it's a song for cheering on others, and that they hope it will bring energy to everyone when they listen. Talent Kawashima Kunihiro then drew a hilarious caricature of leader Takahashi Ai.

The girls then gave a performance of the new single, with recently-injured member Mitsui Aika performing from a chair on the stage.

Check out the talk and performance below!


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