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"Special classes" with Arashi at the Tokyo Dome!

June 27, 2011 @ 2:53 am
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Popular group Arashi held a charity event, "Arashi no Wakuwaku Gakkou", for disaster relief at the Tokyo Dome!

As tokyohive reported previously, each Arashi member became a "teacher" by turns and gave the "students" lectures, making the Tokyo Dome like a big classroom.


The event was held for three days from June 24th to 26th, when it was originally scheduled for Arashi's live concerts, however, considering its electricity consumption, they changed the plan to a charity event. Usually their concerts use 2000 kilowatts, but for the event, they reduced it to 830 kilowatts.

The lectures by the members were based on things that are important to consider for Japan now.Ninomiya Kazunari's lecture was about human body structure and taught the "students" the meaning of living.Matsumoto Jun gave a lecture about electricity and energy. For this lecture, all members tried the generation of electricity using bicycles. They showed the power that the members saved while getting all sweaty only lasted for 8 seconds when used by a hair dryer. Matsumoto commented, "I hope it made everybody realize how important the electricity was."

On the other hand, Aiba Masaki showed his cooking skills on the stage, and taught how foods are delivered to the consumers. He pointed out the large amount of food leftovers in Japan and said, "The way of solving the food shortage is to not waste foods." Sakurai Sho's lecture was titled as "Pachi Pachi no Jugyou", which taught the importance of praising somebody, and Ohno Satoshi gave a lecture about how miraculous his encounters with people were. Ohno stated, "Words are the biggest device to create a link between people. Everybody, please tell 'Arigatou' a lot to your precious people."


At the beginning of the event, the fans were just screaming at Arashi, however, they gradually started to devour the lectures, and there were fans who were taking notes on the lectures.

With this big success, Arashi members said that they would like to hold this kind of event again.

The event pulled a total of 225,000 people in three days, and they will donate 200 million yen (approximately 2,486,943 USD) through Marching J.

Source: Sanspo

Image: Rakuten


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