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AKB48's Akimoto Sayaka cries at her surprise birthday party

July 19, 2011 @ 10:30 pm
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On July 19th at the filming of Meitantei Conan: Kudou Shinichi no Chousenjou at Saitama Prefecture, a surprise event occurred for AKB48s Akimoto Sayakas 23rd birthday.

After she received her unexpected present from Mizobata Junpei and the staff, she said, How wonderful this is my first time celebrating my birthday during filming, and began crying from the surprise. Akimoto, whose birthday actually is on the 26th, said, I think idols have an expiration date. I want to grow my independence before that date, declaring her goal.

On the final filming for this day, Mizobata hurriedly said, Can we please film one more time? and during the retake, acting as Kudou Shinichi stated, All right, I got it! July 26th is Akimoto Sayakas birthday! From that statement, the place of filming became a place of delight and Akimoto alone was unable to grasp the situation and was absolutely astonished. Then, she was handed a large cake with her face and her character, Suzuki Sonoko, and Akimoto began crying out loud from happiness.

For her, this drama filming is a place of many first time experience for her and stated, I learn something new every time I come here. Even today, when Mizobata requested to film one more time, I thought he really thinks about his acting and I looked up to him for his actions but then he started to sprout something weird and expressed her surprise.

Mizobata told me he has already congratulated four times for his birthdays this year during filming of various dramas. I want to also participate in enough dramas that I can grow accustomed to receive cakes on my birthday. Akimoto continued, I want to grow my confidence through various jobs. Since I am often complimented on my voice, I want to narrate someday as well.

Regarding her fellow AKB members, Maeda Atsuko and Kojima Haruna, she revealed, We often talk about our dramas. Before, we wouldnt even think about it.

Meitantei Conan Kudou Shinichi e no Chousenjou airs every Thursday starting on 11:58 p.m JST on Nihon TV.

Check out some of the pictures from the event below!

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Source & Images: Oricon News


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