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Idol unit BiS causes a stir with 'nude' PV for their first single, "My Ixxx"

July 10, 2011 @ 11:31 am
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Unique idol unit BiS ("Brand-new idol Society") recently released the music video for their first official single, "My Ixxx" on YouTube, and gained over 200,000 view in a very short amount of time.

The reason for the sudden interest in this fairly unknown group lies in the fact that three of the four girls are found sprinting, playing, and singing in a lush forest without wearing any clothes at all.

While the initial view may shock you, a second glance reveals that the girls aren't actually nude. They're wearing skin-colored shorts and pasties to cover the important bits, but due to the video's fast-paced nature and clever use of lighting, it's fairly easy to mistake them for being completely naked.

BiS was formed in January this year, had their first live performance in February, and released their debut album in March. The idol unit already accumulated a following prior to the release of the 'nude' PV due to the high quality of their songs.

Indicators of their success can be found in their sold-out debut concert and the invitation to the upcoming "Guru Guru Mawaru 2011" rock festival. Besides some great songs (both idol-esque and not), BiS are also known for their excessive head-banging and fan service through members kissing each other during their live performances of a particular song, which quickly became a hot topic thanks to Twitter.

There are things you can like and dislike about this 'brand-new' style of idol unit, but one thing is for sure: they've found a nice balance for staying in the news with their music, while stirring up some controversy at the same time.

BiS' first single "My Ixxx" will be released on August 3rd, followed by their "BiS Festival" concert at Shibuya WWW on August 7th.

You should check out the PV below, despite all the controversy, because the song itself is quite nice and the video's definitely not that bad!


"My Ixxx"

[ **Please be advised that while these girls aren't actually naked, the video is convincing enough to make it look like they are **]



And check out their other popular track, "Nerve", which features the girls' boisterous, yet adorable charms.


More music clips of BiS can be found at their official Youtube-Channel!

Source: Cinema Today, BiS


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