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Kago Ai denies rumors about an AV debut

July 14, 2011 @ 7:05 pm
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Former Morning Musume member Kago Ai recently made an assertive statement over Twitter, denying rumors about a possible debut as an AV actress.

As previously reported, Kago has been having some issues with her current agency, MAINSTREAM Inc., over her contract, prompting many to wonder which direction she planned to take with her career.

Cyzo Woman recently published an article with their own opinion on the matter, stating that Kago Ai is currently residing with a mysterious "Person A". According to the article, A had previously been affiliated with Kahala Tomomi, who stated, "He's emotionally unstable, and sometimes acted violently." The article goes on to add that A is currently staying in Roppongi Hills, but is helping to plan Kago's AV debut to pay off his deepening debt.

When shown the article via Twitter, Kago shortly replied, "No way that's gonna happen, idiot!", putting an end to the scandalous rumor.

Fans commented, "I didn't believe it either. It sounded like people who hate Kago-chan were trying to trick us," "Ignore it, ignore it," and "Kago-chan herself denied it!"

Sources: Kago Ai's Official Twitter & Cyzo Woman
Photo: Kago Ai's Official Blog
Tip: Tommy Van Damme


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