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Mizuki Nana announces 2-day concert at the Tokyo Dome!

July 24, 2011 @ 9:23 pm
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On July 24th, singer/voice actressMizuki Nana announced, during her live at Saitama Super Arena, that she will be holding her first Tokyo Dome concert on December 3rd and 4th.

This will be the first time a voice actress will perform at Tokyo Dome, and she will also be the 8th solo female artist to make this brilliant achievement. Mizuki reported, "My next live has been determined! The venue is Tokyo Dome!", in tears. The crowd of 25,000 people cheered in delight, and she shouted, "It's the place where I first saw Misora Hibari-san, and it will be a challenge. Please share your power with me!"


In June 2009, Mizuki became the first voice actress to top the Oricon weekly album charts, hold a dome concert, and appear on the "Kouhaku Uta Gassen". She also became the first voice actress to top the weekly single charts in January 2010. In December, Mizuki will hit the big stage, in honor of her 10th year anniversary.

Only 7 solo female artists have ever held a dome concert. These artists include Misora Hibari, Watanabe Misato, Amuro Namie, Hamasaki Ayumi, Yaida Hitomi, MISIA, andKoda Kumi. Mizuki will become the 8th solo artist, and first voice actress to make this achievement.

Mizuki sang "ETERNAL BLAZE", "POWER GATE", "POP MASTER", and "Junketsu Paradox", with a total of 24 songs at the Saitama performance of her tour, "MIZUKI NANA LIVE JOURNEY 2011".In front of the stage, a 'U-shaped' passage was created for Mizuki to walk around the arena. During the MC, she expressed, "I'm very happy to receive a lot of special power from everyone!", and livened up the audience saying, "I know I'm singing because I want to see everyone's smiles. I will do my best from here on to make everyone smile!"

Mizuki will wrap up her current tour on August 13th and 14th at Sendai Sun Plaza Hall in Miyagi.

Take a look at photos from her Saitama performance below!


Source + Photos: Oricon


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