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Musical dream team project group THE RAIDERS to release single on July 2

July 15, 2011 @ 1:08 pm
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A collaboration of artists with an international outlook from the J-HIPHOP, J-R&B, J-ROCK genres have started THE RAIDERS, a musical dream team.

THE RAIDERS is a project that was started by ZEEBRAs UBG label-mate rapper KM-MARKIT. Artists like Rappagariyas Sohmatoh label-mate MINESIN, R&Bs YUKALI, mixture scene group Yamaarashis Takeshi, westside female rapper D-ON, and many more participated in the project. The members are KM-MARKIT, YUKALI, YOUSUKE?from RUDE PLAYERZ), 8, MINESIN, D-ON, TAKESHI, OJ, SOUKI (from RUDE PLAYERZ andHAR-CO and more.)

The group has mixed a catchy, but danceable hit with lyrics that will stick for 10 generations as they kept US sounds like NY, South, Westside, R&B, Rock, and the like in mind. On July 27th, their debut work 1st Ryou A Omote 1 Coin Single SUGAR c/w HIGHER, will be released exclusively through TSUTAYA.

Maki Kurodou served as director of their music video for SUGAR, and with special filming equipment and the cooperation of NKL, the members appeared in the PV looking cool and the content is definitely worth watching.

Below is the tracklist for their single, information about their upcoming live performances, and their PV.

On sale July 27, 2011 exclusively via TSUTAYA, ?525?tax included?
3.SUGAR - Sweeter Remix

7/17 (Sun) Shounan no Kaze Tie Up Beach Resort House Umi no Ie (in Enoshima)
7/24 (Sun) "HYPER FLY" at Roppongi Paradis Tokyo
7/29 (Fri) Shounan no Kaze Tie Up Beach Resort House Umi no Ie (in Enoshima)
8/6 (Sat) "ON POINT" at GLAD?Single Release Party?
8/7 (Sun) "Kazuna" at Fukushima #9 ?Charity Event?
8/13 (Sat) Shibuya Eggman
8/27 (Sat) "Namimonogatari" at Taharakankou
8/30 (Tue) Shounan no Kaze Tie Up Beach Resort House Umi no Ie (in Enoshima)
9/3 (Sat) On Point at Vuenos?Reservation required?Album Release Party

Source and Image: Barks


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