Sasaki Nozomi to make an appearance on special mystery drama "Kasha"

July 15, 2011 @ 3:29 am
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On July 15th, it was revealed that model and actress Sasaki Nozomi (23) will be making an appearance for a special drama, Kasha, as the mysterious woman. As her first time taking part in a mystery drama, Sasaki expressed her worries with, This is my first regular appearance for a suspenseful work like this one, so even before filming I was extremely nervous. I am truly honored to be part of Miyabe Miyukis work. I want to do my very best to play this character in my own special way.

The drama is set in the 1990s right before Japans bubble economy collapsed. Regarding the setting, Sasaki was surprised at the difference between the clothing and hairstyles compared to now.

Kasha (a.k.a. All She Was Worth) is a novel Miyabe announced back in 1992 and is a popular book that won theYamamoto Shugoro Literary Prize. Also, it was voted first place as a best of best book back in 2008 and is undoubtedly a best seller novel that sold over hundreds of thousands of copies. The story focuses on detective Honma Shunsuke (Kamikawa Takaya) and the mysterious woman (Sasaki) who comes behind the woman who Honma has been pursuing for awhile. Terawaki Yasufumi will play a detective who often lends out his strength in various investigations.

Specifically, the drama is set in 1992 in Tokyo during the prosperous economy era of Japan. The drama will start from Honma, who was suspended from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, who was asked by a distant relative to find his fiance, Sekine Shoko. During his pursuit of this woman, he realizes that there is another woman whose name is "Sekine Shoko". Alongside Ikari Sadao (Terawaki), Honma encounters a surprising truth as he keeps chasing the evidence that both "Sekine Shoko's" leave.

Leading actor, Kamikawa Takawa stated, This is a story full of secrets, amusement, and sadness. I was both fascinated by the power and energy of the script and the original work. Either way, the last page was filled with the feeling of satisfaction and intolerance but also made my heart pleasant. With these feelings, I would like to act this out with my complete devotion. His co-star, Terawaki also stated, I am extremely happy to be a part of this work as I am a big fan of Miyaba Miyukis work and of course, I have read Kasha as well. Although this is my first time working with Mr. Kamikawa, I would like to think that our roles create a harmony to make this work an excellent one.

Kasha is planned to air on TVs nationwide sometime this year.

Check out the main cast members below!

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Source & Images: Mantan Web


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