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Toda Erika & Kase Ryo's "SPEC" to get a movie-adaption and drama special


Today it was revealed that the TBS drama "SPEC" which aired last fall and starred Toda Erika and Kase Ryo, will be getting a movie sequel and an additional bonus special episode.

The two actors will reprise their roles of the odd duo of Toma Saya and Sebumi Takeru who will once again tackle a difficult and mysterious case related to people with certain special abilities (SPEC). The whole team and scriptwriter from the original drama that aired back in 1999 and its spiritual sequel that aired last year will come together to revive the same atmosphere that made those dramas stand out from the rest.

How much the unique characters shaped its actors becomes clear in a comment from Toda. Looking back at the drama she stated, "Coming across the role of SPEC's Toma and eventually playing this role was able to change me as an actress. It's all thanks to the director and the staff that I was able to show everyone the actress Toda Erika in a way they've never seen before".

Meanwhile Kase stated how surprised he was about the announcement, "I never would have thought in the beginning that this might get turned into a movie." Kase also knows that he has to thank the fans of the series for this opportunity and added, "I think we are only able to turn this into a movie, because so many people watched, supported and showed their love for the drama."

The producer of the drama also admitted that he never imagined that he would be asked to produce a movie for the drama, because the overall viewer ratings weren't that outstanding compared to other hit dramas. However, TBS apparently got flooded with requests for a continuation of the story through Twitter and their official website.

Before the actual movie is released, TBS plans to air a drama special set one year after the events of the drama and reveal several unanswered questions as demanded by the fans - "What did Nonomura see?", "Who did really kill Chii at the end?" and "What was the meaning of Tsuda's last scene?" More details about the actual movie have yet to be announced, but one thing is already certain, both Toda and Kase are resolved to show us an even more powerful performances of their characters.

It has yet to be decided when TBS will air the special, but at least the movie is already scheduled to open in Japan in spring of 2012.

Source: Cinema Today

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