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Posted by kurumi0 pt Monday, July 18, 2011

X JAPAN grieves over the loss of TAIJI


After receiving the devastating news that former X member TAIJI had passed away, each of the members of X JAPAN left a comment expressing their sorrow.

The management site has been flooded with questions about X JAPAN's schedule, but international fans shouldn't worry despite the bad news: at the moment, all stops in X JAPAN's world tour will go on as scheduled, as TAIJI would have wished.

Check out each members' comment below:


"When I heard the sudden news about TAIJI, I felt a shock I can't put into words... my mind still can't make sense of it.The memory of us playing together last year at Nissan Stadium came back as if it were just yesterday.

When I think about how all the fans must feel, I feel like my heart is breaking... but at times like these, I feel that we have to be strong.

We can't go on being weighed down (by the loss of) TAIJI and HIDE.

I pray that TAIJI, who was a great bassist, sleeps peacefully."


"I was so shocked by the sudden news that I couldn't believe it. Right now, I can't think of anything more to say than that."


"It's a shame that I've lost a friend I was with during the many years from our indies career until our major debut, and during the rocky times.

I pray for his happiness in the next world."



"I was greatly shocked by the sudden sad news.

When we appeared at Nissan Stadium last year, he told me, 'We'll play together again', so I didn't think I'd receive this kind of news.

Right now, I'm so sad and brimming over with such feelings of regret that I can't put them into words.

To represent my heartfelt condolences, I'll pray for his happiness in the next world."


"TAIJI-san was a unique, overwhelmingly talented musician.
Japan's music scene has lost a huge spirit.
It's sad...
From the bottom of my heart, I pray for the happiness of a rock 'n roller whose life was full of ups and down, and who should be respected."


Our condolences go out to the friends and family of TAIJI, as well as the members of X JAPAN during this time.

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