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Fairies reveal covers + track list for "Kiss More/Song for You"

August 10, 2011 @ 1:52 pm
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tokyohive just announced that new dance/vocal group Fairies announced the release date of their debut single, "More Kiss/Song for You". Now, we've got the follow-up on the track list info!

This double A-side single will come in three versions: 'Limited Edition A', 'Limited Edition B', and 'Regular Edition'.

'Limited Edition A' will come with a DVD that includes the music videos to both songs. 'Limited Edition B' will come with a CD only, and a 32-page photobook. The first press editions for both of these will come with one of seven photocards (Set-A) and an event application.

Fairies will also hold a series of events to promote their single throughout the month of August.

Fans who purchase from the Vision Factory shop will also receive one of seven photocards (Set-B), different from the ones that is sold in stores. Fans who purchase all 3 CDs from the Vision Factory shop will receive a different, yet full set of Fairies' photocards (Set-C).

Avex's mu-mo shop is offering the same deal as Vision Factory, but the photocards will be from Set-C, for individual CD and 3-set CD purchases.

Check out the track listing below!


Limited Edition A

< CD >
1. More Kiss
2. Song for You

< DVD >
1. More Kiss -Music Video-
2. Song for You -Music Video-


Limited Edition B

< CD >
1. More Kiss
2. Song for You

< Extra >
32 page photo booklet


Regular -CD Only-

1. More Kiss
2. Song for You


The single will also be available for download on Reco Choku on August 22nd.


< Fairies Event >
2011.08.16 Gunma, Aeon Mall Oota
2011.08.20 Kanagawa, Lazona Kawasaki Plaza
2011.08.21 Kanagawa, Lazona Kawasaki Plaza
2011.08.27 Osaka, Aeon Mall Tsurumi Leafa
2011.08.28 Tokyo, Aeon Mall Musashi Murayama Myuu

Source: Vision Factory


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