Hirose Alice to be the leading star for horror film, "Lost Harmony"!

August 6, 2011 @ 5:21 pm
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On August 5th, it was revealed that actress Hirose Alice (16) will be leading her first movie with the horror film, Lost Harmony (directed by Toki Yoshimasa), set to be released in theaters nationwide this December.

Hirose, who debut back in 2008, has already performed in a total of four movies as of now. She said that being a lead star was one of her dreams and said, When it was decided [that I would lead star], I was extremely happy.

Lost Harmony focuses on seven students and a teacher who are part of a chorus club at a all female High School. The crew decides to go to a training camp near the lake as a part of their club activities. There they encounter a series of eerie and bizarre phenomenon. Hirose, who played the club president in this movie, commented, There is even a scene where I got so scared that I cried. Although I was supposed to be acting, I ended up crying for real. She added, Its a deep film about friendship and envy between various high school students, and explained the contents of this upcoming movie with confidence.

Although she received the most attention with the summer 2010 drama, Ashita no Hikari wo Tsukame, it has been said that she will cross that boundary for this movie.

Her co-stars for Lost Harmony include Yoshitani Ayako (19) and Takahata Mitsuki (19).

Check her out below!

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