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Japan opens a special "Doraemon" train service!

August 3, 2011 @ 8:03 am
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Animation fans got a huge kick out of the special 'Odakyu F-Train', which features mangaka Fujiko F. Fujio's beloved characters (especially "Doraemon"!). This train began its service on August 3rd, running all the way down the Odakyu line. It was specially made to build anticipation for the September 3rd opening of the Fujiko F. Fujio Museum in Kawasaki.

An 'F-Train' is comprised of 10 cars.The designs on each car are all different, with one car even having mismatched graphics on the other side. The decorations on this special train aren't just limited to the exterior, as the interior also has warning stickers, posters, and holding straps with icons and characters from Fujiko F. Fujio's works.

Moreover, the warning signals for the two stations closest to the museum will be specially customized to play orgel melodies of "Yume wo kanaete Doraemon", "Kiteyo Perman", "Doraemon no uta" and "Hajimete no chu".

If you're in the area, don't miss out on this opportunity to see this unusual train!

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Source & Image: natalie, F-Train official website


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