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Kato Miliyah reflects on her career so far and what's next after 'M BEST'

August 7, 2011 @ 2:27 am
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Singer-songwriter and full-time fashionista Kato Miliyah revealed her feelings about releasing a best album nearly 7 years after her 2004 debut with her very first single, "Never let go/Yozora".

The singer does a splendid job representing young adults and the youth generation in Japan through her music and trendy looks. She has captured the hearts of today's youth as reflected in the release of her new best-of album, "M BEST"; which has taken the top spot on the Oricon Daily Album chart selling 100,000+ copies in just the first three days. What will likely be another weekly #1 for the singer, is more than just what appears on the surface.

To the young singer, 'M BEST' represents the end of an era: "In the future, I feel the need to say the me [on this album] isgone now, and I want to strive to makemy new songsdifferent from what I've done already." Kato's drive for innovation has been apparent in many of her works, as she transformed her sound from R&B to acoustic ballads to even dance tracks like one of her latest singles, "DESIRE".

She also expressed her disdain for making her best album just a "patchwork of singles" insisting on creating new songs and album covers to add some value for her many devoted fans. "The release of abest album is a very big thing to me... everything about it ('M BEST') was selected carefully," referring specifically to the tracklisting, which includes one of her 2011 singles, "Yuusha tachi", ("Heroes")as the final track.

While she will move on to the next level after the release of her best album, Kato's songs will still resonate with her generation for years to come. Kato shared the experience of lookingback on her career:"After listening to Disc 1, I felt many different emotions and couldn't stop crying... after all these years what I've collected reminded me of my objective in writing these songs."

Source: Oricon


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