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Miyavi tweets a photo of his baby girl, Jewelie

August 4, 2011 @ 1:07 pm
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Rock star Miyavi has updated his Twitter again, this time with an adorable picture of himself and his daughter, Jewelie.

He tweeted, "jewels woke up just when I was abt 2 catch sum zzz n this kitty never lemme sleep! ?."

With over 100 retweets, it seems fans couldn't get enough of the rockstar in his natural state, and of his baby girl in particular. They commented, "You're so sweet together!", "Waa so cute^?^ It feels so happy in the morning", "lol Well, at least one of you is well rested! XD Good Morning cutie! Oh, mornin' miyavi. XD"

What a sweet family photo!

Source: Miyavi's official Twitter
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