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Model Honda Tsubasa appears on the jacket cover and PV for Base Ball Bear's upcoming single

August 1, 2011 @ 9:38 pm
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It has been revealed that model Honda Tsubasa will be making an appearance on the cover jacket and PV for Base Ball Bear's upcoming single, "short hair".

Kodama Yuichi, who has worked with Base Ball Bear in the past, directed the PV, and it is said the video conveys a young and fresh outlook of the world. He commented, "In the video, the main character waits for his short haired girlfriend, and thinks about how she spends her day-to-day life. But does she wait for him? Koide-kun. How is it? Boys tend to drag their feelings, but girls are surprisingly okay. Right, Koide-kun?"

The PV will air on each CS channel starting August 2nd. Additionally, a 45-second version is currently available for viewing on Base Ball Bear's official website.

Check out the jacket cover and stills from the PV below!


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