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SCANDAL surprises fans with a guerrilla concert in Kabukicho

August 10, 2011 @ 10:05 pm
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SCANDAL's third album 'BABY ACTION' went on sale today and the four girls surprised their fans with a guerrilla concert in Kabukicho, Tokyo.

Only the general location and time were announced via the band's twitter shortly before the guerrilla concert. However, around 1,000 fans quickly discovered the stage in front at the Cine-City Plaza and gathered long before their actual performance. They might be stretching the definition of a guerrilla concert, but nonetheless it was a wonderful performance under the blazing sun.

They immediately got the crowd grooving and performed two songs, their latest single "LOVE SURVIVE" and their debut song "DOLL".

After the first song, leader HARUNA commented, "Living up to our band's name 'scandal', we really did it here in Kabukicho!"

HARUNA had another thing to celebrate that day, as she turned twenty-three and got surprised with a birthday cake on her part. She said, "It's nice that the release day of our new album and my birthday are overlapping this time. I hope it will be another year full of music for me again."

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Source + Images: Barks, Sanspo


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