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Sequel to "Aishiteru ~Kaiyo~" to be aired as a special drama this fall!


It's been reported that a sequel to the popular drama series, "Aishiteru~ Kaiyo~", will air this fall as a special! Actress Inamori Izumi will reprise her lead role, with Mukai Osamu, Okada Masaki, and Mizukawa Asami as her co-stars.

"Aishiteru ~Kaiyo~" is a drama about two kids in grade school who are involved in a shocking murder case.

Titled "Aishiteru ~Kizuna~", this special drama will be based on Ito Minoru's 2010 manga. The story portrays the growth of the perpetrator's younger brother, who finds love and family bonds through the hardships he encounters. Mukai will play the role of the perpetrator 'Tomoya', and Okada will play the role of his younger brother, 'Naoto'.

Okada commented, "I want to carefully and delicately play the many emotions of Naoto, who has a killer as an older brother. Please watch over the process of recovery in Naoto and each of the families." Mukai also expressed, "It's not a drama that you can simply watch and laugh at, but I think it's a drama that delivers the importance of family, friendship, lovers, and bonds."

Inamori will continue her role of the siblings’ mother, 'Satsuki'. "To make amends with the victim's family and the meaning of life - I kept these things in my heart as I played this role. [I also thought about] how Tomoya and Satsuki lived, and what Satsuki could do as a mother for Naoto, who has a killer for a brother. I want everyone to watch it," she shared, revealing that the theme for this drama will be a lot deeper than its predecessor's.

Mizukawa has been given the role of Naoto's girlfriend, 'Suma Kana'. She commented, "I want everyone to think about the presence of their important person by watching Kana's kindness, and the change Naoto goes through because of her presence."

"Aishiteru ~Kaiyo~" had an average rating of 14.8% when it aired back in April 2009. The drama gained viewers as it continued, and ended with a high rating of 18.6%. At the International Drama Festival, the drama won the 'Grand Prix' award, and won honorable mentions in the 47th Galaxy Awards.

Producer Tsugiya Hisashi promoted the drama, saying, "This story makes you take a second look at the importance and nobility of life through family bonds. We have gathered the best actors, and created a drama with a theme deeper than the previous work. Please watch it as a family."

"Aishiteru ~Kizuna~" will air through Nihon TV this fall.

Source: Cinema Today

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