Angela Aki announces that she's pregnant!

September 15, 2011 @ 9:25 am
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Singer-songwriter Angela Aki has announced that she's five months pregnant!

Angela was diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy earlier this year, and was forced to undergo an operation. But doctors have said that this time, she and the baby are in a healthy state.

The singer made the announcement through her official blog and said that although her daily life would change because of motherhood, her feelings towards music will remain the same. She will continue to work on her album, perform lives, and make music that will reach people.

Angela will hold a live at the Nippon Budokan called "Nippon Budokan POWER OF MUSIC ~All Request Special~" on December 26th, which she describes as her "miracle live". She will also release her 5th album, "WHITE" on September 28th.


Source: natalie


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