Ayase Haruka & Fujiki Naohito visit Rome to film "Hotaru no Hikari" movie

September 30, 2011 @ 5:20 pm
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Ayase Haruka iscurrently visiting Rome, Italy with Fujiki Naohito to filmfor their upcoming movie "Hotaru no Hikari" which is scheduled to be released inearlysummer 2012. In recently released photos, Ayase appearedin a wedding dress. As reported previously, this is the movie adaptation of popular TV drama.

The movie will feature thebustling honeymoon of Hotaru(Ayase) and her husband Takano(Fujiki) in Rome. Theyfilmedat famous places for "Roman Holiday", and just likeAudrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, they weredriving around the city on a scooter Vespa.

Many tourists' eyes were riveted on those "Japanese Hepburn&Gregory." Fujikifelt a bit shy about that andsaid, "I was embarrassedto have pictures taken of me."On the other hand, Ayase seemed just happy with her first overseasfilming and said, "It's amazing filming in Rome in a wedding dress!"

As Ayase said that she and Fujiki are attuned to each other through its drama series, they make a perfect pair.

Ayase said, "I wish this movie will attract the young generation who don't know "Roman Holiday", and make them want to go to Rome." Fujiki also commented with full ofspirits, "Wherever we film,Rome make it into a great scene.With this great location, I want to makea wonderful movie."

They willcontinuefilmingin Rome until the beginning of October.


Source & Image: SANSPO 1+2


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