Gouriki Ayame to challenge voice acting for the first time

September 20, 2011 @ 7:01 pm
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On September 18th, actress Gouriki Ayame performed a voice-over for the animated film, "McDull, Kung Fu Kindergarten", at a studio in Tokyo.

As her very first time voice acting, Gouriki will play the role of the heroine, 'May'. She commented, "I now know the difficulty of expressions just by simply using the voice. But it was very fun. May-chan is a precocious girl who attends kindergarten. I tried to play the role with an image of a pure and honest girl. We are similar in ways that we like to care for people."

"McDull, Kung Fu Kindergarten" originated from an illustrated story book of a piglet named 'McDull', and is the forth of the animated movie series. It became popular in Hong Kong during the 1990's with the tv anime, "My Life as McMug". 'McDull' then became a nationally known character, similar to 'Hello Kitty' and 'Doraemon' in Japan. The book's writers Brian Tse and Alice Mak are said to be "Hong Kong's Miyazaki Hayao".

In Japan, this will be the latest film since the second movie, "McDull, Prince de la Bun" was released in 2006. Additionally, it was revealed that McDull will 'join' Gouriki's agency, Oscar Promotion, to start his activities in Japan. Gouriki expressed, "He's a very charming character, so I think he will gain popularity in Japan."

Source + Photos: Oricon


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