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Hirosue Ryoko makes first public appearance after pregnancy, receives beauty award

September 2, 2011 @ 1:43 pm
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On September 1st, actress Hirosue Ryoko attended an awards ceremony for "The Best of Beauty 2011". This was the first time she made a public appearance after giving birth to her second son in March.

The press asked, "Is you newlywed life going well? Is your child healthy?", to which she responded, "Yes, thank you."

Last October, Hirosue married candle artist CANDLE JUNE, and welcomed their baby earlier this year. She shared, "We enjoy every day, while valuing lifestyles and seasons. I also cook."

The National Beauty Week Committee began the awards in 2004 in order to recognize those who shone in the beauty industry. "The Best of Beauty 2011" award goes to the person who is always improving their talents, while bringing light to others.Along with Hirosue, Mizobata Junpei, Toda Erika, Makise Riho, and Gouriki Ayame also received the award. Additionally,Terry Ito made an appearance as the special personality, and shared an entertaining talk.

As this year's only male recepient, Mizobata commented, "I'm honored. To be honest, I don't use anything that's good for beauty. I think relieving stress is linked with beauty." Gouriki expressed, "Without forgetting to be thankful everyday, and without forgetting to smile and be positive, I want to deliver happiness to everyone," while Toda said, "I want to continue to do my best, and improve myself inside."

Meanwhile Makise, who will turn 40 in December, commented, "Receiving this award before I turn 40 is encouraging. I want to live an abundant life as I improve both on the inside and out."

Take a look at pictures from the ceremony below!

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Source + Photos: Oricon


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