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Johnny Kitagawa nabs two Guinness World Record awards

September 18, 2011 @ 4:44 am
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It was revealed today that Johnny Kitagawa (founder of 'Johnny's Entertainment' (JE) has been presented with two Guinness World Record awards. Thus making him one of the most successful music producers in the world.

The first award he received is for the 'most No.1 singles produced by an individual'. He has accumulated an astounding 232 chart-topping songs (between 1974 to 2010).

The second award is for the 'most concerts produced by an individual'. Between 2000 to 2010, Johnny produced 8,419 concerts. He has produced shows for some of the top groups in JE, the concerts have an estimatedattendance of48,234,550.

Source + Image: Guinness World Records
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