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Kato Natsuki advises on how to wear high heels during "VANITYmix" event

September 3, 2011 @ 12:32 pm
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On September 1st, actress/model Kato Natsuki (26) attended the launch event of a women's free trend fashion magazine called VANITYmix.

Since she'll be appearing at Kobe Collection on the 4th, Kato explained the secret behind strutting in heels. Weight training really trains your legs," she said. "[I think its necessary] because without proper muscles, high heels can be painful. As for the key behind her impeccable style, Kato revealed, I try to always keep in mind that someone may be looking at me, giving an ambiguous answer to the audience.

Kato also revealed that she took up an intriguing hobby. I recently started learning shamisen (three-stringed traditional Japanese instrument) to prepare for the future.

Source & Image: Nikkan Sports


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