Matsushima Nanako reveals her housekeeper image concept for upcoming drama + more cast members announced

September 9, 2011 @ 8:41 pm
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Actress Matsushima Nanako has revealed her housekeeper image concept for the upcoming drama, "Kaseifu no Mita". She plays the role of a quiet and expressionless 'super housekeeper', with perfect housekeeping skills.

Additionally, more cast members for the drama have been announced. Other actors will includeHasegawa Hiroki, Aibu Saki, Kutsuna Shiori, and Shirakawa Yumi. This will be Matsushima's first time starring alongside Hasegawa.

The drama portrays the story of 'Mita Akari', a housekeeper who works for the Asuda family. In addition to her professional cooking, sewing, and laundry skills, Mita has knowledge in sports, and is a super housekeeper with a 120% customer satisfaction rate. However, she doesn't get along with the Asuda family, and solves each problem with her excellent housekeeping techniques while observing cases as an outsider.

Hasegawa will be playing the head of the Asuda family, 'Keiichi', who has lost his wife and raises his four children alone. Aibu's role isKeiichi's sister-in-law,'Yuki Urara', a troublemaker who visits the Asuda family. Kutsuna will play the part of Asuda's eldest daugher, 'Yui', a high school student who wishes to leave home. Shirakawa's character is Mita's boss, 'Director Harumi', who is the only person that is aware of Mita's past.

"Kaseifu no Mita" will air every Wednesdays from 10pm starting October 12th.

Source: Mantan Web


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