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Perfume to spice up Fukada Kyoko's drama "Sengyoshufu Tantei"

September 26, 2011 @ 9:11 pm
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Perfume just announced that their new single will be titled, "Spice" and that it was also chosen as the theme song for the upcoming TBS drama "Sengyoshufu Tantei", starring actress Fukada Kyoko.

It will be the group's first tie-in with a drama and the three girls received the news enthusiastically. They said, "We're overjoyed that we have finally been chosen to sing the theme song for a drama. It felt like a dream, when we heard that it's even going to be the drama starring our beloved Fukada Kyoko!"

"Sengyoshufu Tantei" was announced in July, and will feature Fukada as an ordinary housewife who suddenly gets hired as a detective. This will mark yet another peculiar role for her, involving countless different outfits to adapt herself to her surroundings.

Perfume's producer Yasutaka Nakata was heavily influenced by the image of the drama when he wrote "Spice". It's also the first time that he produced a house track for this group.

The girls continued, "Of course you should definitely watch this drama, even if it didn't use our song as its theme song. However, isn't that amazing! Every week you will be able to hear Perfume in this drama! It's such an honor for us. We hope that it will add a nice 'spice' to the drama."

Perfume's new single "Spice" will be released on November 2nd, while their new album 'JPN' is going to hit the store shelves on November 30th. Further, the first press edition of the single is going to include the music video for the song.

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Source + Pictures: Oricon


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