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Posted by ustar TH STAFF Saturday, September 10, 2011

Popular game "Kaito Royale" to become a live-action drama


On September 9th, it was revealed that popular social game "Kaito Royale" would be getting a live-action drama adaptation.

"Kaito Royale" is a social game by DeNA on the mobile social gaming network, Mobage. In the game, players get to choose a type of character - an intelligent type, a macho type, and a sexy type - and become a phantom thieves, collecting 'treasures' through missions and battles while interacting with other players. The game has attracted over 10 million players, and has already been adapted into a manga and novel.

Actor Matsuzaka Tori has been chosen to play the role of 'Kamimura Rei', the chief of the intelligent type. Matsuzaka enthusiastically commented, "Til now, I've mostly played roles with settings that are different from normal. I thought 'Oh, next is a phantom thief,' and instantly became excited." He continued, "AlthoughI'm worried because I can't see the final plan, I know I'm not the only one who's going to depict it; the staff and cast will become one to carry it out. I will do my best to become a piece of 'Kaito Royale'."

Meanwhile, actress Oomasa Aya will play the sexy type, 'Katagiri Karen', and actorFukushi Seiji will become the skilled type, 'Kishihara Taiga', a new character made especially for the drama.Oomasa commented, "I've never played a sexy role before, so I hope to bring out my sexiness from many places," while Fukushi expressed, "Personally, I'm happy that I get to participate in a new genre. I want to carefully play the feelings that my character holds."

The story is about three chiefs who only remember a year of their past. Controlled by a mysterious woman named 'Kitaba Yoko' - who holds the key to their memories - the three must steal treasure in order to retrieve them. While the full cast has not been announced, it's said that a macho type will also appear in the drama.

Producer Kawashima Ryutaro commented, "I couldn't think of any other person than Matsuzaka-san to play the role of the intelligent type, a role who is cool, but can only remember a year of his past. He will make his break soon. I hope he shows his handsome, cool, and playful charm."

As for Oomasa and Fukushi, the producer stated, "I chose Oomasa-san because even though she is young, I thought she would be able to express sexiness while being 'tsundere' [cold on the outside, but loving and gentle on the inside]. She's expressed her cuteness in the past, but I want to take her to the next stage with sexiness. Fukushi-san's character is the most playful role out of the four chiefs. I asked Fukushi-san, who has experience with stage plays and movies, to bring in his playfulness. He will show a different sexiness with his rough style and brown hair."

Kawashima continued to comment on the original story saying, "Everyone starts as rivals, and they gradually cooperate with each other. With their excellent stealing techniques and action scenes, I think we will be able to deliver a more exhilarating feeling than people can imagine."

"Kaito Royale" will air in October, the first drama in the new "Friday Break" time slot (formerly known as "Friday Drama NEO").

Source: Mantan Web

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