Yuzu's Iwasawa Koji to marry his girlfriend

September 25, 2011 @ 1:12 am
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It's been revealed that folk duo Yuzu's Iwasawa Koji (34) will be holding a wedding party on September 25th. His partner is a non-celebrity in her 30's from Yokohama.

Iwasawa and his girlfriend have been dating since Yuzu held amateur activities in Isezakicho as street musicians, and she has supported him throughout the years. Although Iwasawa is wrapped in a busy schedule, he continued his relationship by going out on dates a few times a month. Among their friends, they have the reputation of being the 'perfect couple'.

Yuzu is comprised of leader Kitagawa Yujin (34) and sub-leader Iwasawa Koji. At their concerts, Kitagawa freely runs around the stage while Iwasawa hardly moves from the microphone stand. Iwasawa is known for playing the guitar low by his waist, and he is in charge of singing the high parts of their songs.

The wedding party will be held at a restaurant with an ocean view. The guests will mainly consist of their friends, and the party is expected to host musical performances.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Source + Photo: Nikkan Sports


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