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Abe Hiroshi, Aragaki Yui, and Mizobata Junpei announces the completion of "Kirin no Tsubasa" filming

October 29, 2011 @ 11:39 pm
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On October 28th, the starsmovie Kirin no Tsubasa (to be released January 28th),Abe Hiroshi (47), Aragaki Yui (23), Mizobata Junpei (22), and Tanaka Rena (31) attended the film completion event.

As tokyohive reported back in June, "Kirin no Tsubasa" is a movie adaptation of the TBS drama "Shinzanmono". Late in the casting stage, Aragaki was added to the movie.

Abe, who co-starred with Aragaki six years ago in the drama Dragon Zakura, complemented her on her progress with, She became a splendid adult and her acting got better as well. She was able to act delicately, but with a touch of tension in her. I kind of feel like I am her father. Aragaki responded with, I am so happy he remembered me. It was a honor to co-star with him once again, and smiled with this comment.

Source: Sports Yomiuri

Image: Cinema Today


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