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AKB48's Fujie Reina attends stage greeting for "Enkiri Village"

October 18, 2011 @ 12:30 am
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On October 16th, AKB48's Fujie Reina and actorYagami Ren attended a stage greeting for their horror film, "Enkiri Village ~Dead End Survival~".

Fujie, who plays the role of a vengeful ghost, appeared at the event in a refreshing white dress. She reflected, "I'm very happy that many people have gathered here today. During filming, there were a lot of bugs, so I got bit in about 7 places. But right now, it's a good memory."

Meanwhile, Yagami, who plays the village guide, commented, "My role is a character with an accent, so I played the role by using trial-and-error to create an original dialect for Enkiri Village."

At the end of the event, Yagami promoted the movie saying, "Through 'Enkiri Village', I want people to feel the importance of people and bonds." Fujie also stated, "When you watch this movie, you are able to feel the importance of relationships with people." The stage greeting ended with a warm round of applause from the audience.

"Enkiri Village ~Dead End Survival~" is currently showing in Warner Mycal Cinemas at Hinode, Itabashi, Kohoku New Town, and Ichikawa Myoden. On October 22nd, Fujie and Director Tsubaki are scheduled to hold a stage greeting at Warner Mycal Cinemas Hinode.

Source + Photos: natalie


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