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BoA to release new single?

October 2, 2011 @ 4:39 am
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BoA, who recentlycelebratedher 10th anniversary of her Japanese debut, excited fans with a recent post concerning her upcoming plans.

Earlier today, BoA tweeted, "Many ppl asking me when I'm gonna release my next single in Japan... I'm preparing my single now.. So you'll be able to listen to it soon!" Within moments of her tweet, hundreds of eager fans bombarded the pop star with encouragement, showing everyone's continued interest in her music.

BoA hasn't released a new single since "Woo Weekend" in July 2010 (though she did release the digital single, "I See Me" as a promotional song for Audio Technica headphones on December 6th, 2010).

BoA has been sorely missed lately, it will be great to hear new music from her.

Source: BoA's Twitter

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