BUMP OF CHICKEN to sing for upcoming movie, "ALWAYS San-chome no Yuhi '64"

October 29, 2011 @ 6:33 pm
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It's been revealed that BUMP OF CHICKEN will be providing the theme song for the upcoming film, "ALWAYS San-chome no Yuhi '64".

Titled "Good Luck", the song was written by request from movie director Yamazaki Takashi. He explained his reason for choosing BUMP OF CHICKEN by stating, "I felt that the melody and lyrics written by Fujiwara-kun exposes the message of the movie from a slightly different angle." Yamazaki also commented, "When I first heard the song, I felt strongly encouraged. I was quite moved."

This will be BUMP OF CHICKEN's second time to provide a theme song for the "ALWAYS San-chome no Yuhi" series. They previously provided their song, "Hana no Na", for "ALWAYS Zoku San-chome no Yuhi" in 2007.

"ALWAYS Zoku San-chome no Yuhi '64" is based on Saigan Ryohei's manga that was serialized in the manga magazine,"Big Comic Original". Set during the time of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, the movie portrays a heartwarming story of the rapid economic growth in Japan and the "people of San-chome".

The cast members include Yoshioka Hidetaka, Tsutsumi Shinichi, Koyuki, Horikita Maki, Motai Masako, Miura Tomokazu, and Yakushimaru Hiroko.

"ALWAYS San-chome no Yuhi '64" is scheduled to be released on January 21st.

Source + Image: natalie


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