Buono! reveals the official trailer for their starring movie, "Gomenasai"

October 10, 2011 @ 1:12 am
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After holding their premium pre-screening yesterday and as the release date for their movie nears closer, the official website of Buono!'s starring horror movie "Gomenasai" has posted up a 62-second trailer for fans to enjoy.

This upcoming film, which was adapted from a popular mobile horror story, will feature members Suzuki Airi (17), Tsugunaga Momoko (19), and Natsuyaki Miyabi (19) as high school students who get dragged into a series of paranormal experiences.

This movie is set for release on October 29th and their theme song "DEEP MIND".

Check out their trailer below!

Source: "Gomenasai" Official Website

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